A Life of Boundaries: Moving Toward Intentional Wholeness

By Christopher A. Johnson Sr.


There are many successful people who adopt this mindset of limitless living. The problem with it is they may think that there are no limits to what they can have or achieve, but sooner or later they will become overwhelmed by the fact that they cannot supply the demand for all of these areas. At some point, something will have to give. Most of the time it will be the person who has no limits or boundaries in his or her life. This book is for those who need the confidence to set clear boundaries in their lives so that they can take back their finite control. It's about learning how to say no! Knowing how far to go and when to sit still. A Life of Boundaries is one that does not allow people to still your joy! It's Guarding your emotions. These are all boundaries that need to be set and sustained in your life.

Coaching Session

This Coaching Session is designed to give practical strategies for setting and sustaining healthy boundaries for your life. From the book A Life of Boundaries, the Greatness Coach provides both individual and group coaching strategies for attendees. 


February 20, 2020

6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Intentional Wholeness in the Workplace

Organizations can benefit from their employes, team members, or stakeholders being whole in every area of their lives. The Greatness Coach believes this is best accomplished by individuals living lives with clear, concise, and comprehensive boundaries. Imagine if teams were full of people that are whole and free from the exertion of unnecessary energy. Workplace performance can be improved if boundaries were in place to guard those areas of life. Employees that experience the Life of Boundaries coaching for the WORKPLACE will:

Become of Aware of the Benefits of Boundaries

Learn Healthy Physical Boundaries

How to Set and Sustain Healthy Emotional Boundaries

How to maintain Spiritual Boundaries in the WorkPlace

How to function and fix Healthy Relationship Boundaries

Book the Greatness coach today to move your employees closer to intentional wholeness. Help your workers show up "WHOLE" every day!

Jan 11, 7:00 PM
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