C.A. Johnson


Christopher A. Johnson believes that everyone can be great in life. Greatness is not a skill, it’s a mindset,  and a disposition. Great people do great things! This mindset starts from within. A former coach, player, motivational speaker and mentor, Chris brings a unique blend of experiences and insight to help push people to greatness. 

Chris has coached  hundreds of young men over 8 years of coaching football. He has mentored hundreds of young men for over 7 years as a Life Coach/Chaplain  for a college football team. He continues to disciple and mentor men and women as senior pastor of Zion Christian Ministries of 10 years. He has trained leaders throughout the country, helping them to move from being average leaders to great leaders.

His focus is the greatness that flows from within every individual and his commitment to developing people and creating cultures of greatness in organizations makes his message attractive to any organization seeking to raise the standard in their expectations.

Christopher A. Johnson helps individuals and organizations a like find and fill gaps of mediocrity with the seeds of greatness that becomes so contagious that it becomes the new standard. 

Great People Solve Great Problems. Great People write great software. Great People launch Great programs. Great People lead and participate on Great teams. Great People are a part of Great organizations. Great People play Great music. There is an undeniable connection between the greatness of people and the greatness of product. Isn’t it time that you become great?

The Greatness Coach LLC.

Headquarters: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Email: greatness@cajohnson.org

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