Pastor Plus: Finding Fulfillment in Life Beyond the Pulpit

By Christopher A. Johnson Sr.

Sooner or Later Every Pastor will be forced to ask, "What next and What Else?"

The two words of this concept “Pastor” and “Plus” have very distinct meanings. First, the word “Pastor” refers to those who are leading, instructing, serving, or maybe influential in their local ministries/communities. The word “Plus” refers to the additional gifts, talents, skills, or additional spheres of influence. These words are mentioned together because the name itself suggests that these two components must be thought of together and can be impactful when used to feed each other. This book helps pastors become of aware of the skill that may already be present, and points to additional skills that are transferrable to other markets.


Why Pastor Plus?

The central idea of this book is to get pastors to discover additional skills, talents, or attributes that may be resident but just simply not ascertained. Another important aim of this book is to shed light on the fact that for a great number of pastors there is an aspect of their being that often lies dormant, but if cultivated could produce levels of fruitfulness that ministry assignments haven’t. 

Pastor Plus with Coach Micheal Burt

In many ways, Jesus was an awesome coach. His goal was to help those who followed him to become better people for sure, but they were to also perform tasks. He says to his earliest disciples, “Come follow me, and I will show you how to fish for people!” (Matthew 4:19 NLT). In various instances, he was showing the disciples how to perform some task. To name a couple, he showed Peter how to walk on water (Matthew 28:28–29), the disciples how to pray (Luke 11:6), and the disciples how to cast out demons (Matthew 17:21). Jesus often coached the disciples to perform at high levels; in this sense, he was not only their teacher but also their coach.