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  • For this video, discuss ways that associate ministers can stay active while serving at the local church when they are not the senior leader. Any additional thoughts? If you want to, you can share on any social media platform as well.

I personally appreciate this video to encourage as well as remind us that not everyone is called to the platform week in and week out, but we are called. As it relates to the questions posed in the ememail, my answers are as follows:

1) Being assigned to ZCM Online, my co- host and I are reading "The Millennials" to better understand how to reach them. Also, I have created a schedule to implement the new volunteers,and to reach the younger generation. There are other assignments in the work.


2) I do feel that I am, and can be effective without being the Senior Leader. I understand my role as a servant leader. As long as I am speaking Christ and His word, and Iives are being changed I am honored to be amongst the chosen.


3) I will list 3 challenges one face not being the Senior Leader. They are a) Finding one's ministry message, b) Preparing a ministerial itinerary in faith, and c) Seeking out creative avenues to share the Gospel.

@Christopher Johnson I am one notch up on my technology. I am proud to say I am listening to "The Millennials." I am on chpt. 3, and I can see where everything thus far is true as I see some of the thought processes in Asha.

Thank you Bishop for the insight concerning ministry when one is not the senior pastor! You gave good insight about sermon prep while I have time the free time to study in depth. Also, solidifying my message. This lesson plus the MIT assignments have certainly given me plenty to do to prepare myself for ministry on the next level, understanding the importance to do the "smaller"/ seemingly insignificant tasks well before I will be trusted with the greater!

Thank You for all You do to equip us for ministry!

This is really good Pastor J. Maybe we can implement some study labs for Zion's clergy. At work we have what we call teachbacks. This is where are assigned a module from ourcontent,, then we teach it back to our peers and supervisors to perfect our facilitation skills.

Good stuff Bishop!!! Thank you so much for this. Good to know there are things we can do now.

Thank you Bishop for sharing this video. It helped me to be more open minded to other avenues to share Christ with people. It keeps me busy to study and prepare sermons weekly. I do enjoy sharing with people at my job.

@Christopher Johnson There are many ways I can be effective in ministry. Develop small group settings offering prayer and bible study, Volunteer with support groups, use Facebook Live and Instagram TV to minister. Offer free bible classes to the prisons.

Here are my response:


What are you doing with the time/assignments that you have been entrusted with?

I have set up a purpose statement and goal for my assignment. I want to make sure that it has every event, strategy and goal outlined for clarity. So I had written out a year plan for activities ahead of time to use as a guide as we move forward.

Do you feel that you can still be effective not being the senior leader?

I believe I can definitely be effective not being the senior leader. I believe the focus should be the end result not necessarily who is in charge. Also, I believe there is an anointing to be a follower. A good follower helps the leader to shine. A good follower keeps the engine going. David said I’d rather be a doorkeeper in the House of the Lord… I believe I just want to be a part of the vision whether in the lead or not.

What challenges do those who are not the senior leader face?

In my experience one of the main challenges are following an instruction that they may not know why. A lot of times the senior leader (visionary) gives out things for the others to do, such as attend at least (3) three events. And those that are given the directions may not follow because they don’t know the reason behind it. However, it is not necessary to always know why, sometimes it is learning to follow and be obedient, as long as the leader is not leading you to immorality or cultism. We should follow the leader as they follow Christ. It’s a Trust issue. However, sometimes there are people that believe they know what is best, but they are not in that senior leader’s shoes. Their perception of an issue is so much different because they do not have to deal with other distractions that come along with it.

I enjoyed this video. I'm so excited that I get to serve the people of God. Serving in my community, volunteering in the hospitals, youth camps and youth ministry. VBS during the summer, praise in the park, and so much more. Outreach is a great way to serve!

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