Nov 21, 2018

From Video 2: Be Like Jesus


Edited: Nov 21, 2018


Discuss how dangerous it is for us to have any other standard than Jesus. In your own personal life and ministry how are you trying to be like Jesus? (Enter Discussion)

It is dangerous to call yourself a Christian, yet your standard of living does not line up with a Christ-like life. When others see or observe our ways, actions and mannerism they conclude that is an example of Christ. Therefore we are 'false advertising'. This is why so many people are believing being a Christian just means going to church, but it means so much more. So when we don't show and exhibit the true Jesus Christ in our life, we represent a false gospel. Now souls will be lost and the blood will be on our hands. It is imperative that our focus is to live a life that is worthy to be a representative of Christ. Now that does not mean we are perfect, nor that we don't fall short or make mistakes. However, the goal is to be real with our flaws, correct them if possible; and continue walking after Christ. One of the main statements Jesus made to his disciples says "By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples: if ye have love one for another.” John 13:35 KJV. Showing and demonstrating the love of Christ with each other is the main standard. In order for us to love one another, we have to love God. As my former pastor, Pastor Michealane Sims, says 'if I teach you to love God enough, I won't have to focus so much on sin; because your love for God will overrule the your love to sin'. Truly when we love with the love of God, we cannot operate in wickedness. They cannot live in the same being. No man can serve two masters - either hate one or love the other. I'm not saying, we won't be tempted, struggle, neither that we may fall. The key thing here is - as a standard - my ultimate goal is to love God with all my heart, soul and mind. In my own life when the enemy wants to remind me of my past life, I remember a life without peace and joy. Today, I choose to walk in victory over the enemy, even the roughest times in my life. I am reminded that my co-workers are watching me, seeing what type of reaction am I going to do - when others mistreat me, lie on me or 'irritate the heck out of me'. It's through God's Spirit of love that I can show love to those who don't show it to me. I know not everyone likes me, I even know that they are talking negatively about me. I really don't care, but I realize the real test is - can I still show them God's unconditional love - even though they have issues with me. Can I allow Christ to shine and not my own will? Standards and principles are not easy...but they are possible. This is only by the grace and strength of God. But again, it is an ongoing process. We may miss it sometimes, just get back up - and try again. Just stand for what you represent, or who you represent and that is Christ, the anointed One.

Amen! To be like Christ we must have the mind of Christ. I read somewhere, that having the mind of Christ means sharing the plan, purpose, and perspective of Christ, and it is something that all believers should possess. My constant prayer is Lord make me more like you. In that prayer l must understand that it will require a sacrifice, but also knowing that the reward is worth it! ❤

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