Christopher A. Johnson Sr.

Coaching sessions are once a month and are typically 1 to 1.5 hours of instruction and coaching. There will be homework and assignments given in between each session. The expectation is for everyone to participate in coaching sessions giving 100 percent effort. I'm not here to comfort you, I'm here to COACH you! Let's go, Greatness is waiting!!!!








I believe that everyone can be great! That sure does not mean that everyone will be great! Only those who apply principles of greatness to their lives will achieve it. In these coaching sessions I'm coaching you to apply principles from my "GREATNESS MODEL!"

Marriage maintenance is absolutely necessary! In these coaching sessions I'm giving you proven techniques and methods for maintaining a healthy and fruitful marriage.

In these coaching sessions I'm sharing techniques, strategies, and approaches I use and have used as a pastor. Planning, praying, preaching, preparing, mentoring, motivating, and modeling are all components of great pastoring! 

Great leaders are irresistible, they lead and people follow! In these coaching sessions i'm coaching you to become the kind of leader that people find irresistible and absolutely want to follow!

The Greatness Coach LLC.

Headquarters: Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Email: greatness@cajohnson.org

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