I Believe Everyone Can Be Great.

Greatness is a mindset and disposition. I believe that greatness is a possibility for everyone who pursues it. Sadly, not everyone desires greatness. Whether it's marriage, manhood, ministry, or organizational behavior, I'd like to help you be great at it! Let's see If I can add value to you in some way!

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Christopher Johnson Jr.

Man Maker Academy taught me to package my model for manhood so that I can reference it on one sheet of paper. I will always have it, for the rest of my life. 

Te'jioh Knox

My father died when I was young. I grew up without him and always had fear of not walking into manhood with confidence. Man Maker Academy gave me the confidence I needed to enter manhood with assurance.

T.J. Brooks

Words can't express what this program is doing for me. I don't play sports, so I don't have a team to represent. However, I wear my Man Maker ring every day, I'm a part of a community of men that hold me accountable to my Mahood model. I love it!



A Pastor's Guide to Launching or Relaunching a Church.

Savannah, Georgia

Marriage Camp 2021


IMPACT Coaching Series for Singles S-2
Jan 21, 7:00 PM

Zion Christian Ministries

Zion Christian Ministries is located on 4750 John Bragg Highway in Murfreesboro, Tennesee. Christopher Johnson serves as the Lead Pastor of Zion and would love for you to visit this week. 

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