In today's culture, authentic manhood is rare and certainly long overdue. With the redefining of "marriage" and the rising presence of "fatherless" homes, the idea of manhood is slowly becoming archaic and antiquated. I still believe that manhood is best taught by other men. Not to discredit nor downplay the role of so many single mothers, aunties, grandmothers, or sisters that have made an impact on the lives of so many boys that have turned out to be great men but more often than not, some man or "men" impacted and influenced their lives. Perhaps one of the biggest issues that many men have is "packaging" up all their concepts, thoughts, and lessons that they have learned about being a man and passing it along to young men. Many men don't know where to start! This course is designed to give every man a packaged model for manhood to pass down. Whether it's your sons, nephews, or just young boys in the community, after taking this course you will be able to hand them a "model for manhood!" There are 8 sections to this course and the objectives are as follows:

After completing this course you will,

1. Be able to discover Affirmations for Manhood

2. Be able to identify your Absolutes in Manhood

3. Be able to maintain the proper Attitude for Manhood

4. Be able to apply healthy Attributes of Manhood

5. Be able to maintain your Anatomy in Manhood

6. Be able to write your Model for Manhood

Sections must be completed to move on to the next sessions. All payments for courses must be made in full before beginning course.

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