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One of the hardest things to develop in young men is "leadership" skills. Leadership is such a broad and multi-faceted idea that takes consistent and persistent effort to cultivate. I believe that a man should be a leader in his context in some way. This program is for young boys between the ages 9-12. 

Man Maker Academy is a 7 Session coaching/mentoring program by the Greatness Coach that flows with the chapters of his book Man Made Men. Each session has coaching and then some practical activity about life and survival. This program details manhood models from a biblical perspective.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the sessions held?

Each session will be at Zion Christian Ministries located 4750 John Bragg Highway, Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The location on campus may be different some nights but there will be signs or someone there to direct you. 


What is the difference between coaching and lecturing?

I am a coach. However, I believe that every coach should be able to teach. In Man Maker Academy, I will be coaching and teaching these young men. Coaching is more interactive. Our goal is to get these young men thinking, acting, and behaving like MEN. 


How are the sessions structured?

Each night the sessions will be "coaching" for the first segment and then a skill-oriented presentation from another "man" who is a community leader. 


What is the goal of Man Maker Academy?

The whole goal of MMA is to help each young man understand what it means to be "A MAN". Each young man will then construct his own Manhood Model. A model that can be referenced for the rest of his life. 


What is the Crossover Ceremony?

Crossover Ceremony is for young men that are 16 years of age or older. It is the celebration of "Manhood" for each young man. Having fulfilled the requirements of MMA, the young man has a manhood model and is then ready to crossover into manhood. This ceremony is to let his friends and family members know that he's crossing over into Manhood. 


What is Man Maker Fraternity?

This is a Fraternity of Men. The goal of the Fraternity is to provide a network of men who have manhood models and can hold each other accountable, feel a sense of community, and help "Make Manhood Popular." To be in the fraternity you have to Complete Man Maker and Crossover Ceremony. The fraternity/club will hit the schools in the Spring of 2021. 


What are the expectations for my son in MMA?

  1. Be on time- We start promptly at 7:00 p.m.

  2. Attendance- You can only miss a maximum of 2 sessions before. If more than two, you will not complete the academy. If you have to miss, just let me know beforehand and I will provide the material online. 

  3. Participation- Be ready to complete all homework assignments and activities.

  4. Be respectful- Part of being a man is learning to walk in honor and respect. I will always respect you, I just ask the same in return. 

  5. If the young men have cell phones, they are welcome to bring them, we will actually use them in a few assignments. I will also need all of their emails and cell numbers. I'd like to connect with them myself. 

  6. My final expectation is, If each young man does the first five things, I expect this Academy to be life-changing for him!


When is Crossover Ceremony?

If your son is 16 or older, the crossover ceremony will be at the conclusion of the 8 week period. Mark the date and let friends and family know as well. More details will be forthcoming. 


What happens after the Crossover Ceremony?

After December 5, starting January 1, 2021, your son will be receiving Manhood Coaching from me once a month until you decide he doesn't need it anymore. The coaching will happen virtually and occasionally we will have pop-up sessions. I'm offering this for free to the first 25 young men that complete MMA. Your son will be one of those 25.


Will there be any Man Maker Academy's in my City?

It is certainly our goal to expand Man Maker to a City near you. We are always looking for mentors and organizations to partner with the Greatness Coach LLC. to help develop other young men. If you are an organization please reference our "For Organizations" page.


Do you offer Man Maker Academy for Younger Kids?

Yes, we offer Man Maker Mini for young men ages 9-12. The goal for the "Mini Academy" is to instill leadership quality in boys. Each "mini" academy will run 4 weeks at a time, and 3 times a year. There is no graduation ceremony but the boys can age out at 12 and there will be a recognition and completion event for all the young boys getting ready to enter Man Maker Academy.


Do you offer a mentoring program like Man Maker for girls?

Yes, for more information on our mentoring program for girls, visit the CHAYIL page.