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Marriage Camp

Building Great Marriages

Get Coached in Your marriage

Whether you have been married for 1 week or 4 decades, marriage coaching is something we highly recommend. Some will wait until the marriage is on the "rocks" before they seek help. That is treatment! At that point something is wrong and your are trying to fix it. If you commit to marriage maintenance then you will not need treatment. We offer coaching on the last Tuesday of the month online. All you need is your spouse and whatever materials needed for each session. We use "zoom" for our sessions so you will need to download the app. 

What is Marriage Camp?

Once a year we host a retreat styled camp that helps to sustain great marriages. Marriage camp is available at a discounted rate for all marriage coaching participants. 

Marriage Camp 2019

Coming Soon! (Gatlinburg, Tennessee)

Gallery from Marriage Camp 2018

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