About Nehemiah Nation

Note: Nehemiah Nation is the revised "City International Fellowship" recently organized by Presiding Bishop Christopher A. Johnson Sr. formally New Life International Inter-Denominational Fellowship under Presiding Bishop T.P. Johnson Sr.

Nehemiah was a visionary builder! Like so many ministry leaders today he was concerned about God's work and wanted to be a part of it. He motivated a generation of workers and leaders to put their "hands to a work" and accomplish something great in a very small time frame. I believe that we have also been charged with the awesome responsibility to "build"  and equip the next generation of Christians! In the next 10 years church as we know it will be different. Through my experiences and from the unique culture of Zion Christian Ministries the Lord has placed it on my heart to equip leaders, ministers, and senior pastors with necessary tools, strategies, and ideas that will help us minister in an ever changing church culture. God has given me Nehemiah Nation as means of doing just that!

I can only share  from my experiences and will be seeking experiences from others with kindred spirits and like minds. Nehemiah nation is for those looking to be developed in leadership areas, ministers who need a community of ministers to glean from, or senior pastors that need a place to gain fresh perspective  for their ministries and ideas that will help them minister to the next generation of believers. 

Nehemiah Nation will be seeking leaders, ministers, or pastors from various backgrounds but I wanted to be clear as to who I feel may really benefit from this connection. Young ministers or pastors between the ages of 19-40, church planters, or senior pastors with a non-traditional approach may all fall into the category of those that may seem to enquire about Nehemiah Nation. I wouldn't dare rule out the possibility of traditional pastors who feel a need to incorporate non-traditional strategy. This may be an option for you as well. My prayer is that together Nehemiah Nation would serve the needs of each of you no matter what level!

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