Can't Beat God's Giving!

When it comes to giving, one can hardly fathom anyone who has the capacity to give what God gave. Certainly, many of us give out of our substance, service, and suffering yet it remains indisputable that God is the ultimate and supreme giver. The priceless sacrifice that was made by God has puzzled the minds of many thinkers, confused the logic of many philosophers and challenged the belief of the mystical, when beholding the fact that God so loved the world that he “gave”. What strikes us so profoundly is the purpose, power, and perplexity of his giving. This strips us of every excuse to be idle in our giving when we consider what God has given for us. Motivated by his love, he gave his only begotten Son. “For God so loved” is his purpose, “He gave” is filled with power, and “His only Son” is the mind-boggling perplexity. Although this has been debated from the time a baby was born from a virgin in a manger in Galilee, we still must admit that no one can argue the fact that God “gave” when he didn’t really have to. Even at the thought of our sin, and the sight of our calamity, the Apostle John says, “He gave”. (John 3:16) Knowing that he would have to endure the stench humanity and feel the struggle of the flesh, our God “gave”. He is absolute in authority, grand in splendor yet “He gave”. He is immutable in his ways, and his grace is boundless, yet “He gave”. Nothing can match his power and potency, He matchless and mighty, yet “He Gave”. The question is quite simple. What can make this awesome God who has need of nothing and no one else, give anything to helpless and depraved individuals who deserve nothing but the condemnation of his righteous judgment? The answer is quite simple. Love! This act at Calvary that took place over 2,000 years ago was motivated by love but the expression of love was best demonstrated through what God gave. It is to this end that we must explore the nature of “what” God gave. This quest will lead us to the purpose of his giving, the power of the giving, and the perplexity of His giving.


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