3T's of Ministry: Avoiding Ministry Burnout Ebook

The 3T's of Ministry is a very practical and pragmatic guide to any ministry leader on how to avoid burning out while working in ministry. Bishop Christopher A. Johnson gives insight to various principles that has been effective in his time in ministry and also pulls from a collection of experienced pastors who have served in ministry. The book begins with Johnson acquainting the reader with "Pastor Burnout" which is a fictitious character that is derived from the wisdom of several pastors. In this book, there are very insightful practices for the leader who wants to build longevity in the ministry or any leader wanting to maintain consistency. For any leader at the crossroads of your ministry, or any leader at the beginning of the ministry, the 3T's of Ministry will be a great asset to your team.

Other versions of the book available on AMAZON, GOOGLE, or B an N. 


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