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Man Made Men: A Man's Guide to Making other Men

Man Made Men: A Man's Guide to Making other Men

History has proven that men take pride in standing on the shoulders of other great men who have gone on before them. We need more healthy role models in fatherhood, brotherhood, and manhood. This is certainly not to discredit nor discount so many beautiful and strong single mothers, grandmothers, or aunties who have raised young men that are now successful, but even in those cases, whether a coach, uncle, or community leader, some man impacted and influenced those young boys' lives. This book is the 2nd edition of the Man Made Men series. In this edition, Christopher A. Johnson shares experiences from his mentoring program, Man Maker Academy, and includes additional insight into manhood models and mentoring. Johnson concludes this 2nd edition by sharing his Stages of Manhood Maturity. Whether you have read the original book or not, this revision is packed with content that is sure to impact any man looking to find his place in the world while building another generation of young men.


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