Man Made Men: A Man's Guide to Making other Men

Man Made Men: A Man's Guide to Making other Men

History has proven that men take pride in standing on the shoulders of other great men that have gone on before them. We need more healthy role models in fatherhood, brotherhood, and manhood. This is certainly not to discredit nor discount so many beautiful and strong single mothers, grandmothers, or aunties that have raised young men that are now successful, but even in those cases, whether a coach, uncle or community leader some man impacted and influenced those young boy’s life. The problem is most men don’t have a visible model for manhood. Most young men will graduate high school with many great lessons but no packaged model for what a man is supposed to be. This book will remedy that problem. Man-Made Men will package up concepts that will help men create models that can be used to assist them in making other men. In this book, readers will discover what it means to be a man, and by the end, have a template for constructing their own manhood model based on their own standards, convictions, and attributes. This is a must-read for fathers, leaders, men’s groups, and anyone that mentors young men.


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