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We need people like you!

It takes great financial effort to operate the Man Maker program. There are young boys who want to register for the program simply because they want to belong to something made just for them, or there are some single mothers who need their sons to be a part of the program before they drift too far down the wrong road. In any instance, we often have young boys who need our guidance and our help, but simply cannot afford the tuition. That’s where people like you come in. Here at Man Maker, we offer scholarships, and we also solicit sponsorships. We rely on donations to provide scholarships for those who cannot afford to attend. Here is what your contribution will help us do:

  1. Extend Man Maker Academy programs across the country.

  2. Provide scholarships for low income families.

  3. Provide summer camps for young men and their fathers/mentors.

  4. Cultivate our once a month manhood coaching sessions for young men.


Thank you for your contribution. It will change the life of a young boy helping him grow into a strong man thus becoming a model for those coming after him. Thank you for helping to make manhood popular!