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On behalf of the Marriage Camp hosted by The Greatness Coach, LLC, I would like to extend an invitation to you and your company to become a sponsor for Marriage Camp 2019. Marriage Camp is a yearly retreat, where it is our mission:


·      To encourage mentoring in marriage building.

·      To form a community of married couples to come and celebrate marriage.

·      To identify strategies to create and maintain a successful marriage.

·      To explain the fundamentals of marriage and foundational principles.


We are looking for sponsors who are willing to donate any dollar amount or products to assist in covering our major expenses, such as room rentals, fees, gifts, prizes, food, and administrative costs.


If providing sponsorship for Marriage Camp 2019 is an option for you and your company, please take some time to review the sponsorship information I have included with this letter. We are confident you will find a level of sponsorship that will be comfortable for your company as well as beneficial to our organization. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.






Christopher & Toya Johnson

Marriage Camp

The Greatness Coach






Please insert below the amount of your donation.




Express Breakfast                                $   500.00

Romantic Dining                                  $1,000.00

Next Level Dinner                               $1,500.00

Couple Packages                                  $   200.00 (per couple)


            Gift cards (Optional)


We would love to promote your business as well. We are selling ad pages in our Marriage Camp Booklets. Please indicate below if you would like to purchase an ad below:


Ad in booklet                                                               $  100.00



 Ad Booklet Details:

The graphic should be 5 x 8 inches in size or include a picture and desired information to be placed on the ad. Ad booklets will be given to each couple for keeps. 


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