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Man Made

I Believe that Manhood is best depicted in the company, conversation, and counsel of other men.

Because of that fundamental belief, I developed a concept called Man Made Men which supports the idea that men are responsible for molding and making other men. 

We have helped young men who are raised by single mothers, who have no male influencers, or fathers/sons develop and duplicate their Manhood Models.

How can we help your men's group, boys group, son, nephew, brother, or father do the same?  Here is a list of ways you can book me to bring the Man Maker Concept to your project or activity:

  • Man Maker Academy

  • Man Maker Camp

  • Men's/Boys Event Speaker

  • Podcast Guest on Manhood

  • Man Made Men Book


Pastor Plus

I believe that pastors have transferrable skills that can ultimately be used to influence other markets, increase their impact, and create multiple streams of income. 

Because of that belief, I’ve written a book entitled, Pastor Plus: Finding Fulfillment in Life Beyond the Pulpit. From the book, I’ve developed concepts to help coach pastors discover and deploy their “PLUS”. 

I’ve coached pastors of all ages to expand their impact online, build a brand, and increase their digital reach. 

I'd love to help pastors/ministry leaders who feel overwhelmed by this fast-paced social media world. Below is a list of ways you can book me with the Pastor Plus Concept:

  • Pastor Plus Podcast

  • Pastor Plus Camp

  • Pastor Plus Network

  • Pastor Plus Workshops

  • Guest Speaker 

  • Pastor Plus Book

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Power Couples

I believe that one of the most important areas in marriages is PURPOSE FULFILLMENT.  Both people should know who they are and why they exist. 

Because of that fundamental belief, I developed a concept called "Power Couples". This is the idea that both people in the marriage have identity. influence, intimacy, integrity, and IMPACT. 

I've coached couples of many ages who have been married ranging from 3 months to  40 years. 

I'd love to help you couples group/ministry move from being average couples to POWER COUPLES that know who they are and have discovered their PURPOSE compatibility. Below is a list of ways you can book me with marriage related requests:

  • Power Couples Coaching

  • Marriage Retreats

  • Marriage Camp (Our Annual Event)

  • Wedding Officiant (Pre-Marital Counseling Required)

3t Leader

I believe that one of the signs of great leadership is the full functionality of team/organization in the leader's absence. 

Because of that fundamental belief, I've developed a 3T Concept that assist leaders in duplication. Teach, Train, and Trust!

I've had the opportunity to train leaders from various ages in many different settings. Building teams, duplicating models, and establishing organizational culture has been my greatest joy in leadership. 

I would love the opportunity to help your team, organization, or ministry create a leadership culture that is healthy and sustainable.  Below is a list of ways you can book me for leadership development:

  • The 3T Leader Workshop

  • Team Building Workshops

  • 3T's of Ministry Book

  • Leadership Speaker/Topics

Copy of IMPACT SINGLES (1).jpg


I believe that singleness and wholeness should be synonymous . Before individuals search for companionship, there should be steady quest for purpose and Impact. 

Because of that belief, I have developed a concept  called IMPACT SINGLES. This is the idea that you can be single and still make a significant impact on the world. 

Over the years, I've had the privilege of pushing singles to identify their purpose and make their own impact on the world in order to attract like-minded individuals. 

I would love the opportunity to help you discover your purpose and expand your impact on the world. 

  • Impact Singles Coaching

  • Impact Singles Camp

  • Singles Event Speaker


The Preacher

I believe that life change starts with just “one” EXPERIENCE with Christ. With an energetic, innovative, thought provoking, and heart felt approach to ministry and leadership, I love to provide models for 21st century ministry that are sure be effective in any community. 

Because of this fundamental belief, my messages are very practical in nature. I want people who experience my messages, sermons, or lessons with a passion and desire to “live holy and on purpose!"

Since 2004, I’ve had the privilege of leading many people to Christ and have personally discipled hundreds of people. 

I would love the opportunity to serve the Kingdom by making more disciples for Christ. Below is a list of ways you can book me to minister:

  • Revivals

  • Preaching 

  • Conference speaker

  • Workshops

  • Wedding Officiant

  • Baby Dedication

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