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Pastor Plus Camp

A Camp for Pastor and Ministry Leaders

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Sooner or Later Every Pastor will be forced to ask, "What next and What Else?"

The two words of this concept “Pastor” and “Plus” have very distinct meanings. First, the word “Pastor” refers to those who are leading, instructing, serving, or maybe influential in their local ministries/communities. The word “Plus” refers to the additional gifts, talents, skills, or additional spheres of influence. These words are mentioned together because the name itself suggests that these two components must be thought of together and can be impactful when used to feed each other. This book helps pastors become of aware of the skill that may already be present, and points to additional skills that are transferrable to other markets.

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Man Maker Camp

A 2 Hour Camp For Men and Young Men

Join the Movement to Make Manhood Popular in our schools, community, and homes!

Young men need the guidance of other men. It could be a brother, uncle, coach, pastor, teacher, or community leader—but somewhere along the way, young men need the experience of an older and wiser man. Most young men have playbooks to be successful on their school teams or handbooks to follow team rules, but very few young men have models for manhood. I believe that every coach desires to see their student athletes mature from boys to men. The Man Maker Camp is designed to expose young men to concepts that will help them build on healthy models for manhood.


Marriage Camp

For Married or Seriously Engaged Couples

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Marriage is instituted by God! Whether we are in ministry or serve a ministry we still have to purposely work on our Marriage. Just like any sports team, there is usually a specified time that teams lay basic foundational principles down for the whole team. This is usually referred to as "camp". In this three day experience, The Greatness Coach Christopher A. Johnson and his wife Toya Johnson share their marriage strategy and others to encourage every couple to discover how they can do life together by picturing their marriage as a living thing! We are inviting all married or engaged couples that are interested in fine-tuning and polishing their marriage.

Marriage Maintenance is necessary for your relationship.
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3T Leader Camp

For Leaders and Teams

Leadership is necessary for establishing and maintaining organizational culture.

The 3T's of Ministry is a very practical and pragmatic guide to any ministry leader on how to avoid burning out while working in ministry. Bishop Christopher A. Johnson gives insight to various principles that has been effective in his time in ministry and also pulls from a collection of experienced pastors who have served in ministry. For any leader at the crossroads of your ministry, or any leader at the beginning of the ministry, the 3T's of Ministry will be a great asset to your team.
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His Capacity Camp

For Wives, Engaged, and Dating Women

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Ladies, maybe you have built expectations for him that he doesn't have the capacity to fulfill.

Every wife or engaged woman should have expectations for their husband or fiancé. The question is “are those expectations realistic?” Ladies, I’d like to introduce you to a brand new concept that was inspired by my Man Maker book series. I wanted you to understand HIS CAPACITY. Your husband’s capacity has nothing to do with ability but all to do with his fragility. Let me share some thoughts about how his fragility impairs his ability to be the man, husband, and father you expect him to be. Your expectations may exceed his capacity! 
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