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Pastor Plus Camp December 9-10, 2021
Deadline to Register: November 30, 2021

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The two words of this concept “Pastor” and “Plus” have very distinct meanings. First, the word “Pastor” refers to those who are leading, instructing, serving, or maybe influential in their local ministries/communities. The word “Plus” refers to the additional gifts, talents, skills, or additional spheres of influence. In this two day camp, we will help pastors and future pastors gain valuable insight to their own potential, build and expand their influence, and discover additional ways to impact the world. 


Don't know if this camp is for you? Well, If you...

  • Are feeling out of place in this social media culture

  • Are feeling inadequate as pastor because of the lack of digital knowledge

  • Are experiencing a lack of engagement with your ministry

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by this fast paced digital marketing world

  • Are looking for other streams of income as a pastor (using your current skill sets)

Then, this Camp is for you!

What you will leave with:

  • 2 Days of Coaching

  • Professional Promotional Video

  • Professional Photo Shoot (For Digital Use)

  • Strategy for Expanding your Influence

  • You will Discover your transferable skills for other markets.

  • Ways of Establishing and Expanding your digital footprint

  • Learn Additional Ways to Create Income as a PASTOR PLUS

Registration will include:

  • Lodging at the Courtyard Marriott Hotel In Murfreesboro TN (Each registrant will have their own room)

  • All Meals included

  • Transportation provided once in Murfreesboro (For Camp Related Travel)

  • Course materials and items


These words are mentioned together because the name itself suggests that these two components must be thought of together and can be impactful when used to feed each other. This book helps pastors become of aware of the skill that may already be present, and points to additional skills that are transferrable to other markets.

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