Man Made Men: A Man's Guide To Making Other Men

By Christopher A. Johnson Sr.

The world needs more Great Men! The Production of More Great Men is Best Accomplished By Other Great Men! 

I’m a man first. Before my title, job, career, or status, I’m a man. Many men don’t have that kind of assurance anymore. There is a great number of men that passively declare man‐hood or they don’t claim it all. The man’s place in family structure today is blurred mainly because society’s definition of manhood is obscure. In the present climate, it is difficult for communities to define what true manhood is. Young men are confused about manhood because they have no tangible and teachable models for manhood. I believe that at its best, manhood is defined in the company, conversation, and community of other men. 

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Man Maker Academy

Man Maker Academy is a 7 Session coaching/mentoring program by the Greatness Coach that flows with the chapters of his book Man Made Men. Each session has coaching and then some practical activity about life and survival. This program details manhood models from a biblical perspective.

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Man Maker Mini Academy

By popular demand, coming before the end of 2020 is a version of Man Maker academy for the young boys ages 9-12. More details will be coming soon. 

Man Maker CAMP

Coming June 17-20, 2021 leading up to Father's Day is a retreat-style camp for Fathers and Sons, Men and Young Men, or Mentors and Mentees. Man Maker camp will be an annual camp for MEN. 

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Man Maker Coaching

Man maker coaching is for young men that have completed Man Maker Academy. Once there is. a monthly coaching session. the greatness Coach in the important areas of manhood.  To participate, each young man has to complete the Academy first. 

Book Me To Speak

Book me to speak at your next men's group, men's event, or mentoring program. I'd love to share concepts from my book Man Made Men with you and your group. Contact me today!


Man Maker Fraternity

Man maker Fraternity is a fraternity of men who have completed Man Maker Academy and have constructed their own manhood models. The community of men will hold each other accountable to manhood principles and network to build a strong community.