"Every pastor will be confronted with these two questions, "WHAT ELSE?" And, "WHAT NEXT?"


8 Week Mentoring Program for Young Men

"Making Manhood Popular"

The word “Plus” refers to the additional gifts, talents, skills, or additional spheres of influence. In this two day camp, we will help pastors and future pastors gain valuable insight to their own potential, build and expand their influence, and discover additional ways to impact the world. 


Coaching for Pastors

Coaching for Couples


A power couple is consists of two people who are each influential or successful in their own right. Many marriages lose their passion and fire because one or both people int he marriage feel unfulfilled, unheard, or underappreciated. The Power Couple coaching session is designed to help each couple be effective and productive in the most important aspects of their relationship.

Coaching for Singles

This is not your average single conference or workshop. I'm not here to give you dating advice or relationship advice. In this coaching session, I'm going to help you understand that before you seek the comforts of companionship, you should desire a commitment to connoisseurship. I believe that when you make an IMPACT on the world around you, then you will ATTRACT the right people/person. 

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